masonry needs to breathe

Traditional paints (latex, acrylic or oil) mechanically bond (or stick) to the surface they are applied to and form an artificial and unnatural coating on it. These coatings will not allow moisture from within the wall to escape naturally. In time, this trapped moisture will cause the paint coating to lift, crack and peel. crack and peel. We realize we are a little biased here, but painted brick just looks bad and artificial.

Environmental factors such as humidity fluctuations, UV rays and freeze/thaw cycles constantly wear at the vulnerable mechanical bonds causing fading and eventual failure. The result is a paint coating that requires consistent expensive maintenance.

Rather than sticking to the surface, our mineral stains and tints go through a chemical reaction that permanently locks the color in – simply put, they become part of the brick rather than being a coating on it.

Our professionally trained, artisan craftsmen work with you to create the customized look you’ve dreamed of for your home or business.

why is this better than paint?

Common paints rely on organic binders (acrylate or silicone resin dispersions) that mechanically bond and form a film on the surface and use organic pigments for color. Our silicate based mineral stains bond with inorganic silicate that soaks into the surface and crystallizes within it (silicification) and use inorganic iron oxide pigments for color.

Exceeding German Industrial Standard DIN 18 363, our silicate based mineral stains have less than 5% acrylic resin content, to facilitate the initial fixation to the wall after the simple drying of the water content by evaporation. Then over a short period of time, the potassium silicate binder undergoes a natural chemical reaction as it changes from liquid to a solid quartz coat in the substrate.


why use silicate based mineral stains?

vapor permeable

Completely breathable – no moisture is trapped inside

water repellent

Resists water penetration and internal moisture build up

inorganic pigments

Resistant to UV elements and acidic rain exposure


Natural & inorganic ingredients reduce raw material


Zero VOC and no odor within minutes upon completion


95%+ mineral content that is not combustible


Inhibits growth of algae, mildew and other fungi

nothing hazardous

Once dry, our products turn to stone for safe disposal

We proudly use PermaTint

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Effect Combinations

Use Phenix for nearly endless color matching

Phenix can lighten, darken or completely change the color of brick


use as a pre-treatment

Our 1050 Primer is a silicate dilution and our most versatile product allowing for several different applications. 1050 Primer is almost completely transparent and allows for the natural background variation of the surface to show through. It can be used to pre-treat surfaces, to fill absorbent pores and to solidify older lime or cement plasters. 1050 Primer is recommended as a primer to all mineral paint applications.

use for a natural look

Our 1020 Semi-Transparent silicate stain can be used to create a more natural stained look, depending on the level of dilution, 1020 Semi-Transparent is designed as a carrier for strong coloration from opaque to transparent finishings. It can be used for color washes, glazings and fauxpainting effects.



use for hiding

Our 1010 Opaque is a vapor permeable and water repellent opaque stain designed to provide the same type of coverage as a traditional latex paint. 1010 Opaque has excellent hiding capabilities with a matte finish. 1010 Opaque is a superior product for exterior coloring of any masonry including brick, stone, stucco, concrete and plaster.


Our brick staining and tinting stands the test of time. Let us complete your project the right way the first time. Get your free quote today.